[-empyre-] Welcoming Horit Herman-Peled to -empyre-

We're very happy to introduce our colleague and friend, Horit Herman-Peled, as the first guest commentator on this month's topic, TechnoPanic: Terrors and Technologies.

We have collaborated with Horit for many years on various curatorial projects and recently profited from her theoretical precision and artistic vision when she addressed a Cornell conference that Tim organized in September on "Thinking the Surface." Her experience as an Israeli feminist activist and artist promises to bring a crucial perspective to our discussions over the month. Her writing on "digital terror" contributes immeasurably to our understanding of this month's topic, http://web.macam.ac.il/~horit_a/terror.htm We are confident that you will come to share our deep respect for her artistic and political interventions in the highly charged border zones shared by Palestine and Israel.

Horit is a new media interventionist, artist, and C. Phil. in media philosophy at the European Graduate School. She teaches digital art, digital theory and digital culture at the Art Institute at Oranim College in Israel. Her work deals with the paradoxes of the in-betweens of the political and the ethical. Horit has exhibited and lectured internationally on art and digital media in the social, cultural, political, and economical context. She was a member of the International Organizing Committee for ISEA98, and she exhibited in Tim's exhibitions, "Contact Zones: The Art of CD-Rom" (199-2201) http://contactzones.cit.cornell.edu and "Wired Ruins" which he co-curated with Arthur and Marilouise Kroker in CTHEORY MULTIMEDIA #3 (2002). Her work was represented in the Venice Biennale 2003, and The Utopia Station Lab in Martha Rosler's Trojan Horse. Her article, "Rupture in the Surface: Ethics of the Abject" will be published in Performance Paradigm next month: http://www.performanceparadigm.net

Thanks so much for joining our discussion, Horit.
Renate Ferro and Tim Murray
-empyre- moderators

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