[-empyre-] 'bare life' in Technopanic

Thanks, Christina, for providing such a helpful background on the recent -empyre- discussion of bare life. Renate and I also were extremely interested that Horit refers to this concept. We don't recall her discussing "bare life" during our visit this past fall when she addressed my Cornell conference on "Thinking the Surface."

I'd be particularly interested to hear Horit elaborate on her understanding of the valence of this concept in relation to her own complex art projects, which I'm hoping she might now describe in more detail.

Her "Digital Terror" essay was part of a complex net.art piece on Palestinian worker transit into Israel, and the overdetermined digital surveillance and scrutiny to which these workers are subjected (overdetermined particularly in relation to her documentation of the "bare" fruits resulting from their labors and their passage). Clearly at stake in her project is an articulation of the complex balance between terror and paranoia that fuels the cultural situation on which she comments and over which she frequently performs as an activist witness.

Renate and I are also interested in hearing this month from other -empyre- travellers whose particular socio-cultural-artistic circumstances result in similar or different responses to TechnoPanic.



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