[-empyre-] Re: empyre Digest, Vol 29, Issue 4

A very warm welcome to Horit.  Hello to everyone reading empyre. Tim and I
are delighted to be able to participate in this month?s theme
?Techno-panic and we encourage all of you to join in writing responses.

  I?ve just taken my down my installation, ?Panic Hits Home?, that I?ll
tell you about later in the week. However, as I sit here in my exhausted
state reading Horit?s eloquent explanation of her observations I am
reminded of the powerful video images she showed me during her visit to
Ithaca, NY.   Video footage taped a few feet from soldiers clad with
weaponry and metal interacting with women wrapped in fabric shawls
holding onto their children. The juxta-position of the defenseless women
and children with these stoic-faced men in uniform sent a shudder
through my body. Horit can I ask you to recall your response to my
question of what the soldier?s response to the camera was? Take a look
at Horit?s website at http://www.horit.com.

Renate Ferro

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