[-empyre-] TechnoPanic, Week 4: Introducing Sean Cubitt

Thanks so much to Paul Vanouse for catalyzing such a lively discussion, which has taken a turn down the virtual path of Second Life. It's been so interesting for us to be witness to the many branches that are developing in the extended discussions and references to TechnoPanic.

For this final week of the month's focus on TechnoPanic, we're happy to introduce Sean Cubitt who has been an active participant in the past week's discussions.

Sean is Professor and Director of the Program in Media and Communications at the University of Melbourne and Honorary Professor of Duncan of Jordanstone College of the University of Dundee. Previously Professor of Screen and Media Studies at the University of Waikato, New Zealand and Professor of Media Arts at Liverpool John Moores University, Sean is the author of a series of monographs that have set the cartographical standards for tracing various patterns, life lines, and faults that are shared by cinema, video, and new media, as well as those particular to each practice. H is the author of Timeshift: On Video Culture (Comedia/Routledge, 1991), Videography: Video Media as Art and Culture (Macmillans/St Martins Press, 1993), Digital Aesthetics (Theory, Culture and Society/Sage, 1998), Simulation and Social Theory (Theory, Culture and Society/ Sage, 2001), The Cinema Effect (MIT Press, 2004) and EcoMedia (Rodopi, 2005); and coeditor of Aliens R Us: Postcolonial Science Fiction with Ziauddin Sardar (Pluto Press 2002), The Third Text Reader with Rasheed Araeen and Ziauddin Sardar (Athlone/Continuum, 2002) and How to Study the Event Film: The Lord of the Rings with Thierry Jutel, Barry King and Harriet Margolis (Manchester UP 2007, in press). It's hard to imagine that there would be many of us in the extended -empyre- community who have not been touched critically and artistically by Sean many books and innumerable essays (we often wonder how he maintains his critical energy!).

Sean also is a member of the editorial boards of Screen, Third Text, The International Journal of Cultural Studies, Futures, Time and Society, Journal of Visual Communication, Leonardo Digital Reviews, Iowa Web Review, Cultural Politics, fibreculture journal, International Journal of Cultural Politics, Public, Vectors and Animation, and he has curated video and new media exhibitions and authored videos, courseware and web poetry. He is currently researching a book on the history of techniques for reproducing light from pigment to pixel, and acts as Editor in Chief of the Leonardo Book Series for MIT Press and Leonardo/ISAST.

It's fantastic to have your lively voice with us this week, Sean, and we're looking forward to your thoughts on TechnoPanic: Terror and Technology.

Renate and Tim


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