Re: [-empyre-] Re: TechnoPanic

I agree, Sean, those are the Alps. And there are fewer skiers this year.

aesthetics opens up the prospect of metaphysics becoming an arena for
popular speculation by way of analogy, of the analogon - an analogue
metaphysics: which is where the mirrors/horrors start.

Heiner Mueller (trans. Carl Weber): "The great poems: ruins, like bodies
loved a long time and now / Of no use anymore, by the wayside of a species
that's finite but / using up plenty / Between the lines: lamentation / on
the bones of the stone carriers: happy / / Since the beautiful means the
possible end of the horrors."


so, few skiers, less Po, not a pretty picture. But the fact that it's still
pretty as a picture is a real cause for concern.


simon taylor

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