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I've been thinking about this - without success. I think it is the grand gesture of 'the contemporary image' (this of course may not be Herzog's words / accurate translation). To the extent that there as A contemporary image, it is of course totalitarian. But there is no single image.

A difference between analogue recording of light and digital generation of same is that the temporalities are different. As Barthes says, recorded images always point towards the past; digital images, perpetually corruptible, towards the future they have yet to become

The crisis of representation arises when we fetishise representation. As digital images teach, it is not representation but communication that is at stake. The attempt to seize, as "the image" the necessarily fragmented condition of the world as if it were an aesthetic and complete Whole is justly in crisis because it is the adminisrtative ideological solution to the impossibility of living in a present torn to shreds by the conditions of contemporary capital


the image always has a tendency towards the totalitarian. Hence Werner
Herzog speaks of the inadequacy of contemporary images. I was speaking about
technopanic in terms of a simplification - a reducibility - of metaphysical,
general concept making, to the example, to the image, to a popular form,
where it founders, because of an irreducibility, and a complexity, which
credits a Repraesentationskrise with a certain actuality as an event and
which problematises - in the most abjectly historical sense - the retinal
(Duchamp), the illustrative (Bacon)... image making, whatever the medium be.

simon taylor

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