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On Aug 1, 2007, at 5:27 AM, Stephan Doesinger wrote:

Why are so many people fascinated and at the same time alienated by the virtual world in *Second Life* (SL)?

gh comments:

When Second Life was first starting up and empty, a Swiss art collector who had invested $250,000 in SL approached me to do something there. He thought I might want to build a virtual art studio like Andy Warhol. I said I was more interested in creating performance bots that would interrupt people when then were having a conversation with a performance piece of some kind. The art collector put me in touch with the developers who never bothered to respond. I also wanted to get paid for my work which I believe was a problem for them. Like all the other democratic art spaces online like youTube, everyone is an artist therefore no-one gets paid. This is the almost perfect global capitalist game. You take advantage of peoples natural desire to be creative and involved in art. You get them to create their own world and you get them to pay for it! This means they supply the labor for your product, they create the product and then they consume the product while you make the money. Amazing!

I remember the first VRML worlds in the 1990's they were rather boring. In the final analysis virtual worlds tend to devolve down to sex and money. Obviously I don't like VR worlds. The couple of times I went to SL I found the whole experience numbing and retarded. As an artist I like the real world. I find that observing first life and discovering new ways to look at this world to be the crux of creativity. Second life is a sad reflection of real life. Second is stuck somewhere in the emotional level of junior high school. I suggest that all the people who engage in second life should make giant cartoon puppet heads and wear them around during there normal fist life activities to see what would happen. I believe that virtual worlds are for people who aren't able to engage in their real lives. It is a retreat from reality.

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