Re: [-empyre-] advice for SL neophyte?

Millie Niss wrote:
I visited SL once or twice and was unable to get engaged with the virtual world, but after that, I read about very interesting happenings and art in SL. How can a total beginner experience the things discussed here? What are the must-see destinations in SL for someone interested in net art and e-poetry?
I can share my strategy. I'm a frequent SL tourist, but don't spend much time there outside of visiting sites of interest (I.e. art happenings). Just keep tabs on the art lists for the usual press releases and keep an eye out for those handy SURL's and make a list for the next time you parachute into the multiverse. I find a "sniper" like approach to virtual worlds is a fairly easy way to investigate and explore them without committing large amounts of time to random exploration, which in the less inspired moments of SL can be about as exciting as wandering around a shopping centre.
(OT: how do I make my avatar have a custom shape -- not just custom clothing, etc. -- is there a link explaining SL modelling & how to attach it to my avatar?)
Where is Patrick Lichty when you need him?  :)


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