Re: [-empyre-] advice for SL neophyte?

> Where is Patrick Lichty when you need him?  :)

Right here.
As a quick note, I am really thrilled to be here, and to hop into the conversation, _probably tomorrow_...

We have workshops at Columbia Chicago that you can attend, I'll be more than happy to share a truckload of goods.  There are a lot of great places to engage, and we're organizing a lot of information for the Second Life Community Conference here in Chicago, where Columbia is co-sponsoring a contemporary art subtrack (I'm still putting together the programme).

Second Front is also doing a performance "28 Avatars Later" on THURSDAY as a playful nod to zombies and memetics (zombie culture as meme).  Of course after tonight's rehearsal, I'll send info on the location, and you'll be invited to come be infected.

As a quick proviso, I have worked in SL for about 3 years now, one consistently.  It's an incredibly fascinating environment, but I find it as problematic as it is rewarding, probably more.

More soon.
Thanks again, and really looking forward to getting into the mix.

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