Re: [-empyre-] Welcome to the Bastard [Duplication] Space!

Hi S + All,

On 8/1/07, Stephan Doesinger <> wrote:
> It is obvious that 3D technologies SL are multilayered.

...just a quick response 2 the use of the abbreviation "SL"
World of Warcraft [the virtual_fabled MMOG Second Life
opposition-space, if u believe the hype;)] SL stands for Shadow Labs,
a type of instance that g[uilds]roups can run...n.teresting 2 c the
overlaps here as a user of both Second Life and WoW + the m.plications

Ego [a]V[atar]ersional: Mez
WoW Versional: Gossama
Second Life Versional: Netwurker Twin

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