[-empyre-] The Fine Art SL n00bâs resource guide to SL

The Fine Art n00bâs resource guide to SL
For people who are less âconnectedâ in SL (that is, with friend lists of less than 50), SL can seem empty.  However, all most need is a list of places to see.  Below are resources for people wanting to dive in quickly.

Columbia College Chicago Interactive Arts & Media has frequent tutorial sessions for in-worlders, contact Ti Mosienko for times.

N00bie/free goods
The GNUbie Store in Indigo, Indigo (198, 62, 38)
YadNi s Junkyard - Newbie Paradise - SINCE APRIL 6th 2004, Leda (211, 28, 55)

Texture Tutorials
Texture Tutorials, Livingtree (127, 100, 25)

Modeling Tutorials
Ivory Tower Library of Primitive, Natoma (195, 169, 26)

Info on new sculptie shapes

Art Places to go:
Ars Virtua
Probably the Met
Ars Virtua
Ars Virtua, New Media Center, Dowden (10, 15, 53)

Ars Virtua II: Butler 
Ars Virtua: Gallery 2, Butler (228, 15, 53)

Odyssey Art Simulator
Run by Sugar Seville, Odyssey supports fine and conceptual art projects in SL
Odyssey_Gallery, Odyssey (43, 15, 22)

NMC Campus
Overall supporter of innovative uses of SL
NMC Campus, NMC Campus (122, 99, 26)

BitFactory Columbia College Chicago
Campus wide- graduating seniorsâ exhibition,
In dialogue with Chicago arts organizations as incubator
Often an alternative space fashioned on HallWalls or The Mattress Factory.
I AM Columbia exhibition center, I AM Columbia (192, 102, 76)

Other Favorites:
The King Has Fallen Gallery
Run by Zoe Hartnell, they gained ire through the use of Hans Bellmer-esque erotic âdollsâ, and called into question Linden Labsâ ageplay policy.
AAA  The King Has Fallen- TwoSpi, Sonata (163, 230, 260)

Croatian Comic Art Center
Croatia Underground comic center, Jsindo (8, 221, 95)

International Spaceflight Museum, Spaceport Alpha (130, 128, 22)

Groups to join:
Dorkbot SL
Ars Virtua
Society for Virtual Architecture
Intelligent Agent SL
NMC (New Media Consortium)
The Long Now Foundation
Conscious Lounge

Other resources:
Facebook has a large SL community online.
There are groups for 
Second Front, 
SL Artists,
SL Junkies,
SL denizens
Contact Man Michinaga for invites.

Notes to my Empyre friends:
This is information that is available in world, and I have not vetted yet.  There are many traditions of art in SL, from the fine to the decorative to the utilitarian to straight commodity.  Use your own judgement.

SL Art Blogs/Websites:


- Bayside Beach Museum of Contemporary Art - Sasun Steinbeck
- Linden Gallery of Resident Art - Pathfinder Linden
- Crescent Moon Museum - Tayzia Abattoir
- Sunset Jazz Club & Art Center - William Richelieu
- Riverwalk - Bradder Thereian and PeteWyrm Thereian
- Selador Gallery - Selador Cellardoor
- Salome Artists Gallery - Szentasha Salome
- Ars Virtua New Media Center and Gallery - Rubaiyat Shatner
- The Art Loft - Ishtvan Pippen
- The Artyard - Erik Goff
- Mysterio Gallery - Enjah Mysterio
- the Djorkenheim - Kealiha Trudeau
- Muse Isle Gallery - Martha Cookie
- Enigmatic Artworks - Amie Collingwood
- The Gallery of Independant Art - Kate Proudhon
- Second Louvre Museum - Kharis Forti
- Metaverse Gallery & Performance Space - Juliette Cordeaux
- Irwin & Zohari Arts & Designs - Roy Irwin and Karen Zohari
- Angel Dorei Museum - Razi Semple
- Apple Gallery - Apple MacKay
- www.NilsArt.net Arts and design gallerys - Nils Ophelia
- Galleria de Felice - Cecilia Delacroix
- Art In The Park - Has Lassard
- Fine Art Gallery - Juanita Deharo
- University Art Main Gallery - Secundo Dharma
- Blekinge Sculpture Park - Rezago Kokorin
- DH Center for the ARTS - Mike Maximov
- The Grand Gallery - Tommy Parrott
- jeweledway - JohnPaul Perway
- Oyster bay - Morris Vig
- The Gallery Tamrannoch - Autopilotpatty Poppy
- The Muse Art Gallery - Ey Ren
- Omni Gallery - Omni Market
- SLART Gallery - ArtWorld Market
- Strong Visions Gallery - snaper Strong
- Info Island Library Gallery - Abbey Zenith & Bucky Barkley
- Heldscalla Gallery - asher Hebert
- Liquid Prims Art Gallery - Enali Haller
- SoHo Art Gallery & Pavilion Theater - MB Darrow
- Art Center - Xantherus Halberd & Rhizome Szydlowska
- White Cube Gallery - Dan Cundey
- DnA Scupture Park - Dael Selene
- Culture Vulture - Ada Radius
- Wildman Galleries - Wildman Smashcan
- Artstock Galleries - sabra Hemingway
- Bliss Galleries - Nubian Bliss
- Cetus Gallery District - Xander Ruttan/Ruttan Development
            Intuitions Gallery - Tricia Aferdita
            The Drawing Quarters - Xander Ruttan
            Becky Rawley Studio - Becky Rawley
            NilsArt Experimental Gallery - Nils Ophelia
            Tricia Aferdita Gallery - Tricia Aferdita
            Bing & Binder Fine Art - Whyzzer Bing & Olaf Binder
            Urban Arliss Studio - Urban Arliss
            Marion Rickenbacker Gallery - Marion Rickenbacker
            Open Studio Gallery - CarlosMonleon London & Josephpopper London
            Natacha Chernov Gallery - Natacha Chernov
            Griffith Studio - Tricia Aferdita
            Allstar Project - Gerd7Gerhard3Loeffler Allstar
            Galleria Dom Homewood - Dom Homewood
            Cetus Gallery District Community Center - Elektra Spark
            Art by Terri Woodward - Terri Woodward
            Ritchey Sealy Gallery - Ritchey Sealy
            Gallery Diabolus - Caravaggio Bonetto & Velazquez Bonetto
            Undertone Gallery - Dark Undertone
            Friedl Gallery - Blau Huet
            Bump Squeegee - Bump Squeegee
- Chaos and Beauty - Nite Zelmanov
- Safe Harbor Sculpture Garden Sculpture Garden - Gabe Palmer
- Park Galleries of Art - Angel Enoch
            Alba2 Rossini
            CandyApple Pomegranate
            Artistic Fimicoloud
            Mr. Greggan
            Lasla Mannock 
            Angel Enoch
            Daz Honey
            HeinzRuediger Pfeffer 
            Temporary Exhibit Gallery
- Park Galleries No. 2 - Angel Enoch
            Zann Canto
            Tricia Aferdita
            Blue Tsuki
            Elorien Ayres
            Finny Yates
            Buzzybee Brooks
- SintixErr Art Gallery - Morning Dagger
- Elorien Gallery - Elorien Ayres/Less Bright
- Hwaryeo Outdoor Gallery - Kit Vale
- The Virtual Artist Alliance Gallery - Cyanide Seelowe
- XL Sky Gallery and Marketplace - Xavier Seferis
- Artisan Galleria at Bellatrix - Jordan Morgenrote
- Gallery of Camazotz - Davina Glitter
- Neufreistadt Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) - Delia Lake & MoCAso Oh
- EdieSawyer & the U-Go Girls! - Youna Diqui & Calamity Bohm
- IL SEGNO - Alberto Salomon
- Gallery urEN lUREN - Plurabelle Posthorn
- NC-17 - Adena Sontse
- Transendent Art - KT Syakumi
- The Hammerwielder Poster & Art Galerie - Calixus Voom
- Elysian Art DeCole Gallery - Sinsaber Holgado
- Kathy Heberle Art Gallery - Lonna Hax

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