[-empyre-] introducing Stephan and Ricardo

I am delighted to introduce our two next guests - Stephan Doesinger  and Dr
Ricardo Peach, who have both been instrumental  in organsiaing competitions and
residencies which occur in Second Life for which artists receive significant
recognition and financial rewards in First Life. Stephan has introduced his
Bastard Spaces  Architecture Award and Ricardo will introduce the Australia
Council inWorld Residency. Brad Keligerman I think is also on the list and may
speak about his recent residency.

Annabeth's and Partick's prolific practices, along with  those of many others,
indicate that artists, performers and architects have already colonized (to use
one of those good old pioneering metaphors ) Second Life. It has also  spawned a
plethora of academic enquiry...

The 3rd Annual Second Life Community Convention SLCC will be held in Chicago at
the Hilton hotel on August 24th -26th.  This year the SLCC will be using a
multi-track format of  Education, Machinima, Business/Future of the Metaverse
and Social/Entertainment.


In world the New Media Consortium (NMC) -a community of hundreds of leading
universities, colleges, museums, and research centers  - will host  a week-long
symposium on the topic of creativity, from August 12-18, 2007, at the NMC
Conference Center in Second Life. <http://www.nmc.org/symposium-on-creativity>

There was publicity for SLWorld 2007 -  2007Second Life Convention & Expo in
Amsterdam's RAI , from August 02 - 05, a european convention featuring  keynote
presentations, a variety of interactive sessions and tutorials, innovative
formats, content and channels, an exhibit hall as well as an  entertainment
program and a film festival  however I cant confirm that.

And it appears the slconference 2007 sponsored by Anshe Chung Studios that was
to take place in Berlin this September has been cancelled.
<http://www.slconference.eu>  Anshe became a role model for countless inworld
entrepreneurs  as the world's first virtual millionaire with value entirely
generated within a virtual world. Check out <http://dreamland.anshechung.com>

Does this intense scrutiny, enquiry and classification of inworld activity mean
that in an effort to support creative practices  and innovative learning
environments, and make them availabe to a wider audience we risk stifling  them?


 Stephan Doesinger is a conceptual artist and architect living and working in
Munich. He has held lectureships in the Design department at the

University for Applied Arts in Vienna and at the Architectural Association in
London. His second book, "Learning from Sim City," will be published by

Revolver Verlag in September.

Further information available at: http://www.doesinger.com

 Call for submissions to the First Annual

Architecture and Design Competition in Second Life.

Spatially interesting and aesthetically independent

pieces of architecture are sought from the inhabitants

of the digital parallel world that has almost seven

million participants.

The competition will be part of this years reknown Ars

Electronica Festival in Linz / Austria (Sept. 5th -

11th, 2007), where the jury will be held. A massive

prize ceremony with party and exhibition will be held

at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Zollverein Essen

to celebrate the winners of this competition.

There is no submission fee.

Deadline: Sept. 1st, 2007

Online submission form at:



Dr Ricardo Peach is the Program Manager for the Inter-Arts Office at the
Australia Council for the Arts in Sydney, Australia. The Inter-Arts Office
supports new artistic practices that do not fall within the existing funding
guidelines of the other artform boards. He completed his PhD titled Queer Cinema
as a Fifth Cinema is South Africa and Australia at the University of Technology
Sydney (UTS) in 2005. Previously he worked as the Arts Officer for Marrickville
Council (Sydney) and as curator of the Liverpool Regional Museum (Sydney). He
has a forthcoming chapter titled 'Skeef Cinema Entja : A Brief History of Queer
Cinematic Cultures in South Africa' in an anthology on post-Apartheid cinema due
out in late 2007. Born in Volksrust, Mpumalanga in 1968, he and his family
migrated to Perth, Australia in 1980.



Second Life Artists Residency

Application closing date: 27 July 2007

The Australia Council for the Arts is offering up to $20,000 for a

collaborative artist residency in the virtual world of Second Life.

The aim of the residency is to offer Australian artists and writers

the opportunity to creatively and critically explore new interactive,

virtual platforms.

The residency allows for a collaborative team of up to three people

(including a writer, musician/sound artist and digital visual media

practitioner) to develop inter-disciplinary artwork in Second Life.

Applications will be accepted from teams who fulfil all the residency

requirements, including having the necessary artform experience.

Artists or writers who have professional experience in more than one

of the required artform areas can include this as part of their



Melinda Rackham
artist | writer | curator

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