[-empyre-] SLCC Contemporary Art subthread

There's much to be said from all of the great material being shared, but
I will try to send this set of short missives as to help spark
conversation while hopefully not dominating it.

SL Community Conference: Contemporary Art Thread (in final stages,
pending final confirmation on all slots)

PANEL: Contemporary Art in Second Life
As part of the Second Life Community Conference's Social track, we are
presenting a mini-thread on Contemporary Art in Second Life.  I will be
moderating a panel which will include Scott Kildall (Independent artist,
Second Front), James Morgan (Ars Virtua), and Cyrus Bryan Campen (Long
Now, organizing partner of Annabeth on 7 Million Paintings).  We are
discussing the role of contemporary art practice, virtual formalism,
functions of cultural institutions, intersections between audiences, to
name a few.  

If any female colleagues wish to join us on the panel on Saturday, Aug.
25, please contact me ASAP.

As part of the Contemporary Art subthread, there is a planned 2-hour
performance series including Second Front, Avatar Orchestra Metaverse,
and possibly either a Dorkbot or Juria Yoshikawa. Performances are 1/2
hour slots, and we are still assembling a final roster.

RECEPTION: Columbia College Chicago, Conaway Center or Glass Curtain
Gallery, 1010 S. Wabash, Friday Aug. 24.
In support of the SLCC, Columbia College will be welcoming SLCC members
to the college with an evening reception.  

SLCC Contemporary Art Tour:
In addition to the Contemporary Art Subthread, Columbia College Chicago
will also have a teleport kiosk to a curated series of SL artspaces.
The kiosk will be at I AM Columbia island's telehub.


Patrick Lichty
- Interactive Arts & Media
  Columbia College, Chicago
- Editor-In-Chief
  Intelligent Agent Magazine
225 288 5813
"It is better to die on your feet 
than to live on your knees." 

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