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Hi folks,

Thanks for the great discussions so far and thanks Melinda for inviting me to be part of this list. I am learning at a million miles an hour!

As many of you will probably be aware, in May 2007 the Australia Council for the Arts (Ozco) announced a $20,000 grant for a collaborative artist residency in Second Life. The residency is an initiative of the Literature Board, Music Board and Inter-Arts Office and offers Australian artists and writers the opportunity to creatively and critically explore new interactive, virtual platforms. As far as I am aware, Ozco is the first national arts council to offer a residency on-world.

This 'in-world' residency requires a group of up to three artists and writers to develop inter-disciplinary literary, music/sound art and digital visual media artworks. 

The aims of the residency are to provide space for artists and writers to develop art that challenges and explores the aesthetic, social, political and cultural realities of Second Life and to encourage collaborations between artists and writers working across artforms. 

In light of the discussion on virtual art we have had to date, especially in relation to audience, I would also like to point out that a key requirement of this project is a clear strategy for harnessing both in-world and 'real life' audiences and developing public exhibition opportunities for the artwork in Australia (and who knows, maybe internationally too)

To help Australian artist connect and examine the residency potential, leading up to the closing date Ozco and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) set up an artist's forum in Second Life. The blog can be found at At the time, it could also be accessed through an RSS feed into Second Life via Australia Council Billboards placed on the ABC Island and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) Island, Esperance.

On 12 July 2007, Ozco in partnership with the ABC, also hosted its first ever artist forum in Second Life with Brad Kligerman. The in-world event was moderated by ABC's Sunday Arts reporter/producer Fenella Kernebone, was streamed live at http:\\ with a vodcast of the event  available on the ABC Sunday Arts website in the not to distant future. 

Brad - if you are out there, it would be great to hear your perspective on the in-world event!

The residency also complements existing Ozco projects such as the Write in Your Face and The Story of the Future digital initiatives of the Literature Board and the New Work (New Media) grant program of the Music Board.

That's enough for now - happy to answer any questions, and please have a look at the links below!



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