Re: [-empyre-] Being a Second Life newbie - uncanny interactions

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for this delightful post. I completely agree.

I've been blogging about Second Life on networked_performance since 2004,
and our organization has commissioned some wonderful SL projects (including
the Ars Virtua residency program); however, I visit SL very sporadically. I
tend, then, to have to re-learn everything each time I return. I'm
constantly running into things and often talk to people with my back to
them. It's very awkward and somewhat frustrating. I also get very flustered
when people ask me where I'm from; initially, I wondered why on earth ask
the question because the answer will most likely be fiction. But, apparently
people DO want to know ones actual geographic location and tend to accept
what you tell them as fact.

There are other things that don't make sense to me, for instance, why make
it so difficult to walk through things? Being forced to walk along a
designated path seems odd when one can easily fly.

And to those who hate all of the empty space: I have to say I find it very
therapeutic. I love flying around with only the sound of the wind to
accompany me.


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