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Hi Jo,

The new Turbulence projects sound great - Pierre Proske told me about his Caterwaul project (a wailing wall that links a real life wall with a virtual wall hosted by Ars Virtua Gallery in SL) and the other projects sound interesting as well. There is great potential for mixed reality works in SL beyond just re-creations or remediations of RL events (of which there are many) - Like you, I would love to hear about projects that link real physical spaces and the virtual space of SL in a more integrated way in real-time ... i am sure there must be people in this discussion who know of some ...? I think Adam Nash, who is about to join the discussion is working on a real-world controller for his SL artworks (in collaboration with another Australian artist - John McCormick from Company In Space) which will create a feedback loop between the real and virtual spaces ... are you out there Adam, perhaps you can comment on this.


on a realworld
controller for my SL artworks. It will be a symbiotic loop between
actual/virtual space, rather than a one-way control flow.
Dear Christy,

I'm interested in artworks that are more in line with what Andrea
Zapp calls 'networked narrative environments'...where the Net (in this case
SL) and other sites and the real world are brought together to create an
integrated artwork. I've got some I've come across but I'd love to hear of
any projects this esteemed list would be aware of.

This is what we're after with "Mixed Realities." While the commissioned
works will only be exhibited in February 2008 (at which time there will also
me a "Mixed Realities" symposium... both in Boston), you can read the
proposals here:


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