[-empyre-] Special empyre Art & Performance tour of SL

For those interested in exploring SL art & performance, the dLux Pony Club
is happy to organize a special empyre tour. The dLux Pony Club
(www.dluxponyclub.org) is specifically designed so it is easy for those new
to SL to tour around the venues in a group. 

It would be great to have James Morgan of Ars Virtua, Annabeth, Patrick,
Stephen and so on all sharing key venues and works with members of this list
inworld. What would happen is we would all meet inworld at a day and time
and then we would fly around together, experiencing the works first-hand
(!). This would be a great opportunity for those who have not seen some
wonderful SL artworks and venues and for those that have...and would help
provide a shared experience for discussion.

If you're interested, let me know your timezone either on this list or
directly to my email.


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