Re: [-empyre-] Second Life -estabishing new morphic resonance

> let us not separate SL from RL, SL is yet another form of RL, a
> digital form in cyberspace, and yes a much more limited form than RL
> as RL's objects and actions are not as rigidly defined.
> it always surprises me that in these "innovative" environments all we
> get to represent ourselves is humanoid avatars, that walk everywhere
> and express primitive human emotonyms.
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Does morphic resonance happen in Second Life as the formless cohesive
element? Can an avatar have DNA?
Complexity looks at interacting elements and asks how they form patterns
and how the patterns unfold, patterns [that] may never be finished
[because] they?re openended.

And a quote from Douglas Rushkoff's Children of Chaos that resonates for
me with this discussion.

"An astounding property of fractals is that, despite the fact that they
are based on discontinuity, they exhibit extreme "self-similarity" - an
almost impossibly intricate set of self-mirroring patterns.

This leads to an appreciation of discontinuity as a source of reassurance,
and a wholly new understanding of what has come to be known as chaos.
Chaos is not mere disorder - it is the deeper order within apparently
random, nonlinear systems. Chaos is the character of discontinuity."

Jacquie Clarke

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