Re: [-empyre-] discussion on Second Life in another list

The idea with the avatars is the representation, they are your virtual
alter ego, as they were Vishnu alter egos in the Indian pantheon. But
"you" are not constricted to anything when you approach/enter a
virtual world. I remeber a conversation with the architect Marcus
Novak, who worked at Austin Lab and in the NASA making virtual
environments to prepare astronauts to land in planets with other kind
of nature, other laws, other chemistry than Earth.
He worked with Active Worlds then and used very cleverly the ability
to make with pixels another kind of geographies. But it was not houses
or artifacts he built but landscapes, planets.

I played the Sims a while and become intensely bored of the alter ego
in Barbie style. For me SL is a compromise between the Sims sterile
milieu and a pixel generated flat geography.

Everquest is still very much more appealing than SL regarding the
different zones. When you play in Halas, a frozen landscape in EQ, you
really feel the cold and the icy mountains and the frozen rivers. SL
geography is for me too undramatic and too monotonous to appeal me.

I am still waiting for a real borderless universe.



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