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hi komninos,
here are few examples....
these are flash slideshows with audio of the afro-american cyberjazz band, taken during a performance at active worlds in 2002.
the project was more about the musical possibilities of real-time networked musical performance in VR. then using thejazz vehicle explored spontaneous musical dialogue through improvisation. the was performed in real time between brisbane and melbourne australia, hence the audible network jitter.

but please also check out the latest VR model on the blaxxun server:
the band's race is more ambiguous in this version.
there are some pianist animation triggers on the piano that i hope to have synchronised with the live audio (MIDI) data, one day ...sigh..
these animations include nested ones, so i'm dissapointed to hear this is not possible in SL :(


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hi jim
got some examples?

let us not separate SL from RL, SL is yet another form of RL, a digital form in cyberspace, and yes a much more limited form than RL as RL's objects and actions are not as rigidly defined.
it always surprises me that in these "innovative" environments all we get to represent ourselves is humanoid avatars, that walk everywhere and express primitive human emotonyms.

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