Re: [-empyre-] Reengagin the visceral

So, from seeing a giant farting Pac-Man monster creating such a gigantic
ruckus in a world with simulated Barbie sex, gender bending, race at a
mouse click, I thought (it's actually fairly simple) why is all of this
embodiment mess following us into the virtual? It's pretty basic
Turkle/McLuhan, and maybe Kroker, but all philosophy aside, it's just so
STRANGE that SL citizens would want to fart, or even have interactive

It's a good question. Is it a visual thing? It *is* strange, but don't put philosophy aside! Patrick, could you elaborate on the Turkle/McLuhan and Kroker reference?

For me a crucial question is why a presence needs to be focussed in on a single cohesive point. In meatspace that is necessary and unavoidable, but in virtual space it is neither. Is it just habit reinforced by the realworld-copy methodology of SL?


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