[-empyre-] Lambda Moo

dear list

back in the early nineties I spent a year in Lambda Moo, that was before chat rooms, before browsers, when participants had to use unix, and everything was command lines and text.

There was a lot of discussion about lambda's future and the inevitable addition of images. It has come to pass and with it has come a dumbing down of the participants as the interface becomes easier to use.

In Lamda, to build, you had to use an object orientated programming language.

What I'm seeing now is a new generation of theorists trying to re- invent the wheel. In forming a theory of second life, surely one has to at least acknowledge Lambda's role and the considerable amount of papers it inspired?

I havent done much in SL, its too much like "been there, done that" for me, but I have complied a collection of posts on SL in connection with my own research.


and there are videos here


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