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I agree with you regarding the people seeing SL as a "new thing". It
feels for me a loss of  historic approach, I was in Lambda too for a
short period and followed Julian Dibbells MOO experiences very close.
(By the way I recommend his book "My tiny life" , for everyone wanting
to know how the social interaction worked in the time where text
Before SL it was the Palace and Active Worlds, all pixeled universes
and avatars. SL is a clever engineered universe but far too technical
restricted and definitely not the final stage of virtual universes.
I understand the fascination of people experiencing the thrills of
virtual audiences but still wonder why are theorics spending so much
time and effort in a really poor achievement?
Everquest or World of Warcraft are definitely better instrumented than SL.
The "linear" geography of SL lacks layers and complexity.
And the concerts showing avatars jumping are a boring package for
audio experiments and virtual composers worth a better environment.
For me SL is a stage, I wish Third Life will going to be better than
Second Life.


On 8/10/07, blakkbyrd <> wrote:
> dear list
> back in the early nineties I spent a year in Lambda Moo, that was
> before chat rooms, before browsers, when participants had to use
> unix, and everything was command lines and text.
> There was a lot of discussion about lambda's future and the
> inevitable addition of images.  It has come to pass and with it has
> come a dumbing down of the participants as the interface becomes
> easier to use.
> In Lamda, to build, you had to use an object orientated programming
> language.
> What I'm seeing now is a new generation of theorists trying to re-
> invent the wheel.  In forming a theory of second life, surely one has
> to at least acknowledge Lambda's role and the considerable amount of
> papers it inspired?
> I havent done much in SL, its  too much like "been there, done that"
> for me, but I have complied a collection of posts on SL in connection
> with my own research.
> see
> and there are videos here
> regards
> blakkbyrd
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