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hi blackbyrd,
thanks for this; in your list, my eye was drawn to the sex pistols performing anarchy in the uk in sl - somewhat ironic in a space that is lacking in anarchy (or am i just not visiting the right places?) but also intriguing to see the recording of a live performance that is a simulation of (probably borrowed) memories of a live performance of self-mocking band that pretended to be pretending to be fake ... (or something like that!)

i never noticed before that avatar's mouths don't move when they're speaking (possibly because i've barely met or spoken to anyone in sl) or at least, the johnny rotten av's mouth never does - there's no snarl, no bad teeth, no attempt at lipsynching - and yet he blinks! sl seems to be so wedded to simulating "reality" then at a certain point it just gives up ...

h : )

dear list

back in the early nineties I spent a year in Lambda Moo, that was before chat rooms, before browsers, when participants had to use unix, and everything was command lines and text.

There was a lot of discussion about lambda's future and the inevitable addition of images. It has come to pass and with it has come a dumbing down of the participants as the interface becomes easier to use.

In Lamda, to build, you had to use an object orientated programming language.

What I'm seeing now is a new generation of theorists trying to re-invent the wheel. In forming a theory of second life, surely one has to at least acknowledge Lambda's role and the considerable amount of papers it inspired?

I havent done much in SL, its too much like "been there, done that" for me, but I have complied a collection of posts on SL in connection with my own research.


and there are videos here


empyre forum


helen varley jamieson: creative catalyst

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