Re: [-empyre-] Lambda Moo

On Aug 10, 2007, at 8:51 AM, Helen Varley Jamieson wrote:

sex pistols performing anarchy in the uk in sl

That's about as lame as the Archies cartoon show beginning where they have a fake cartoon band singing the bubble gum theme song for the show (Sugar, Sugar). The Archies cartoon show was a take off on the Ozzie & Harriet show where the "rocker" Ricky Nelson would end the show with a song for the children.

The Sex Pistols were a total nihilist band. They were the anti-Beatles. They started their US tour down south in a shopping mall and broke up before they ever played in New York. When I was a young punk in New York, the hardcore were about creating a TAZ. IT wasn't about being incorporated into the music industry or the rock establishment. Many of the art rock bands and noise bands were about the pushing everything to extremes. It was about the spectacle and the edge. It had nothing to do with corporations. Indeed, when the record execs came sniffing around the standard position was to brush them off, tell them to go fuck themselves. SL is a corporate playground.

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