Re: [-empyre-] Lambda Moo

I remember building on the moos too. I found an old notebook on my
last trip home and it had some of the sites listed that we used to
visit - moo2000 was a regular one. I'm not sure of the exact dates,
but somewhere between 1993-95 at a guess. I also used to use
compuserve's worlds away as I had a compuserve account through work.
that was lots of fun as I was only used to the BBS / muds/moos up till
then and the characters were very cute. and the actions your avatar
could do were fun. I used to go exploring with a friend from work -
was fun discovering the different places. I tried active worlds later
but didn't really get into it.

I've been trying SL for around a year since upgrading to a machine
that could run it. it's good too, especially as you can build your own
objects like in the moos, but I haven't been addicted yet like I was
to the systems back then - perhaps as it's not so different. plus all
the ads get a bit tiring along with all the messages to sell my land.
maybe there's too many people now to find the new stuff.

people don't seem to make the objects interactive like they did in the
moos - where you can click on them & get a response. though it's
likely I just haven't found them. I remember making a hammock that
swung in the breeze when someone sat on it - I had to describe it all
for each of the movements/actions people could do to it. a friend made
an orb and a special box that were magic. there were lots of other
things later, but the starter apps are the ones I seem to recall the
most. you had to be quite descriptive as there was no visual aspect
apart from text on the screen in your telnet session. so it was like
reading a book - the best objects I think were made by the writers as
they were more imaginative. but each person would have their own
visual picture in their head. SL is much more of a visual place - it's
more like watching a movie with your friends & you can talk through
the film. but the creator of the object controls your mental picture.

later I used IM, then irc, mail lists & message boards, and now

thanks blakkbyrd for mentioning the moos, a nice trip down memory
lane. now if only I could find my old harddrives - there'd be
screenshots from worlds away.

On 8/10/07, blakkbyrd <> wrote:
> dear list
> back in the early nineties I spent a year in Lambda Moo, that was
> before chat rooms, before browsers, when participants had to use
> unix, and everything was command lines and text.
> There was a lot of discussion about lambda's future and the
> inevitable addition of images.  It has come to pass and with it has
> come a dumbing down of the participants as the interface becomes
> easier to use.
> In Lamda, to build, you had to use an object orientated programming
> language.


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