[-empyre-] NMC Symposium on Creativity in Second Life

For those interested, from 12-18th Aug the New Media Consortium is running a
week-long event on Creativity in SL. There are Australian presenters and
Aust-friendly times as well:

In August 2007, the NMC is planning a very special, one-of-a-kind event -- a
week-long online symposium on the topic of creativity to be called the
Symposium on Creativity in Second Life. The first in a series of conferences
and events exploring virtual worlds of all kinds, the symposium is intended
to redefine the way we think about online conferences. 

As such, the Symposium on Creativity will be held entirely inside the
virtual world of Second Life, and will make full use of the wide range of
affordances offered within this virtual world.

Info: http://www.nmc.org/symposium-on-creativity/about 

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