RE: [-empyre-] Lambda Moo

>From North Canton Ohio, minutes before my 25th high school reunion...

I so dearly want to dive into the fray a bit, but I want to point out that 
because of the inverted bell curve in Second Life culture intrinsic to it 
promotional machine (lookt at either of the Gudes, and you'll know how much 
of a machine it is), there seems to be a polarizing/Kantianist effect 
(evangelist or nay-sayer).

As a researcher/observer of ALL virtual worlds (and I loved Jennifer 
Gonzalez' work on AlphaWorlds), I want to stress my role as a critic/
observer as well as artist.

To me, critique is an attempt to "try" to take a detached/objective look 
(Kristnamurti), or a dialectic in which polemics hypostheses are used to 
tease out undsertanding.

For me, critique is not opposition, but a tool to try to distill 

I'm coming back into the fray on Tuesday, and hope to weave some new foci 
based on the great diversity of subjects we've been coming up with.

Also, as Contemporary Art subtrack guy for the SLCC, I want to create a 
postcard to be given out at teh conference with CURRENT exhibitions going 
on.  There are many traditions in art in SL, with Odyssey, Ars Virt, 
BitFactory, NOEMA, and others being the more "gallery/Museum" lot (which 
would be more social/culture track at SLCC), and the "Print Gallery" artist, 
with practices similar to Peter Max, Wyland, etc., more suited to teh 
Business trak.  Best example I know would be Artropolis island, and they 
will be part of the Business track.  

BUT - people wanting to be part of that postcard should contact me.

Just another remediation of life.  I get "Art World News" and there's a 
booming decorative/commercial fine arts trade arts market.  Nothing wrong 
with that, it's just intention, cultural tradition, etc.

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