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Well -- as far as WHY anthropomorphic avatars and Earthlike gravity/geography -- 
I believe many commentators have theorized that the appeal of these
representations is deeply rooted in our hominid brains that evolved out on the

We have millennia of evolutionary experience manuvering in 3d space in humanoid
bodies, it should be no surprise that people express a deep preference for this
form of representation.

Linden Lab and other designers may only be giving people what they want in this

Personally I am also fascinated by the possibilities of fantastic new spaces and
representations for social interaction, however I think most people would vote
for familiarity for the reasons stated above.

If Residents recreate suburban sprawl in SL, that is probably for the same
reasons as in real life. People like space and privacy and dont like too many
rules (i.e. zoning), these factors will inevitably give rise to sprawl if there
is no planning.

It may also be that users will become more familiar with these spaces over time
and may become more comfortable with fantastic new representations, however
we'll have to wait and see on that one.

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