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Those are some great points Ana!
In the old MOO days, there was always the choice for a neutral sex - it seems
like something to petition the Lindens about.

Same sex partnerships are no problem in SL, however multiple partnerships for
polygamous couples or alternative D/s couplings of various kinds do not exist.
Yet.  I've seen in repeated "vote on this feature" boards the petition to vote
for the following:

a) transsexual listed as an option for gender
b) multiple couplings allowed in the profile

I have not yet seen the neutral gender come up for discussion or vote, though it
is entirely possible given that I don't have time to check out all of the new
features proposed.


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As someone playing and working with avatars and online worlds since
the age of the Palace and Active Worlds can I say I don't understand
why are we still prisoners of the anthropomorphical/humanoid pattern.
I have been playing Everquest since they launched it's world (still
one of the most luxurious artistic designad worlds), 1998, and I am
still confused why you can play a wizard, a demon, an animal (in EQ
you can choose a race with frog faces or with lizard faces and
bodies), but still call them for "male" and "female".
The alternative "third sex" or "neutral" seems not exist.
I tried once to marry my female avatar (a walkyria, very sexy and
grand) with another female avatar (she was a witch, in reality a truck
driver from Miami), and we were not granted right to marry because the
Sony executives told me "it could be upsetting for many of our
subscribers, we aim our game to families and young people".


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