Re: [-empyre-] Lambda Moo vs graphical spaces

Hi Helen,
Just to let you know that at the point you joined the festival audience, everyone was listening to a live-in-Berlin-in-RL performance of a "radio opera" which was being streamed into SL. The people in Berlin in RL were pretty much doing what our avatars were doing, ie, sitting and listening. It could have been achieved in a different medium, but probably without the feeling of being in an audience I guess.

It was the last performance in a day-long festival. Had you arrived earlier (difficult for us Aussies, I know, I had to give a performance at 8am! :) you would have experienced 2 hours of audiovisual participatory interactive live performance of the sort only possible in a 3D MUVE. By the time you arrived, most people had logged off, as it was late night in Europe and they didn't want to just sit and listen to a RL stream.

There'll be plenty more though :)


On 12/08/2007, at 1:19 PM, Helen Varley Jamieson wrote:

i only managed to join a very short bit of the field recordings performance in SL yesterday & found it interesting; but i was expecting there to be some sort of visual component as well (i suppose because it was taking place in an audiovisual environment ... ). it was a bit like being at a mass meditation, with everyone sitting around silently. things greatly improved after i learned how to turn the audio on ; ) yes i am still a newbie! i also discovered the out-of-body experience, moving my perspective further away from my avatar, & even looking at my avatar's face - which connects back to someone else's post about why have avatars at all. why indeed ... i found myself multitasking while listening to the soundscape, & wondering what was the advantage of presenting something like this in SL rather than an audio webcast which would be more accessible ... i'm curious as to where the sounds were gathered from - with SL or outside? and how much of the mixing was done live, how much prerecorded?

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