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Whoops! I put the wrong date down. It is this Monday 20th August. Dates
changed below accordingly:


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Earlier on this I proposed a special empyre tour of SL art spaces with the
dLux Pony Club. Well, in a few days it will happen! 

The special empyre tour has been curated and critical discussion will be
guided by the empyre guests and interested parties: Adam Nash, Annabeth
Robinson, Chris Dodds, Christy Dena, Patrick Lichty, James Morgan, Kathy
Cleland, Melinda Rackham, Ricardo Peach and Stephen Doesinger.

Day?: Monday 20th August

Aus>NSW: Mon 8/20/2007 10:00 PM

NZ: Mon 8/20/2007 12:00 PM

Canada>Ontario: Mon 8/20/2007 8:00 AM

I believe it is SL time 5am. 

The tour will run for about an hour and will commence at Odyssey
( in Second Life. The slurl is:
( The tour ponies will be
wrangled by the Director of dLux Media Arts: David Cranswick.

To join us inworld in Second Life you will need to install the software and
sign up to get an avatar. You can join Second Life for free at At the SL site you will also find advice about system
requirements ( 

dLux Pony Club:

Look forward to seeing you all there!

empyre forum

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