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Hi James,

Of interest also is Multiverse, which license (and source code) is a strange kind of open. It's working right now, which is a big plus, and it ticks all the boxes in terms of open technologies (Java, Ogre, Python, etc). You can run it on your own server, and hook into their network only if you want to.

Adam Nash

On 18/08/2007, at 2:54 AM, james wrote:

(sorry if this gets double posted, had a minor mental lapse the first time)


I do not know how extensive your use of Second Life is, but it sounds from your previous posts as though you were involved much earlier than I was. I am given over to a curiosity about why you seem so down on it.

I have been somewhat distanced from this discussion of late, so forgive me if I cover something that has already been talked about, but it seems to me and others that SL is in a position similar to what the web (or AOL) was in 1997. That is to say that it has been around for a few years and is reasonably popular, though certainly not the only game in town.

This also includes the flaws, the marketers and the businesses that are looking to turn a quick profit. However that has nothing to do with my interests. My experience is that SL is large enough that all that can be completely avoided. This is a huge advantage, we are not a captive audience. You can teleport from location to location without having to look at the billboards along the roads.

So if you let go of the hype, and realize that SL can be just as boring as RL if you do nothing, that the graphics suck, and the grid crashes what is left? Well this is where my interests pick up, with 40k people in world at a time and maybe half a million regular users the space is primarily a social space. If you add to that (audience) the scriptable 3d environment (native works) IMHO you have something quite compelling.

However, this is not an exclusively SL phenomenon, at Ars Virtua we are working in other spaces and preparing to launch initiatives that utilize other technologies (of particular interest right now is Open Croquet and Ogoglio City).

What we are looking forward to is the "Browser Wars" but much more importantly what will be the JODI of SL and synthetic worlds? My feeling is that this will be the aha moment for a lot of people who have questioned the value of the environment.

Pardon my rant and excuse my fan boy attitude, but I am genuinely interested in the promise of synthetic worlds.

James Morgan
Rubaiyat Shatner(SL)
Director Ars Virtua

On Aug 14, 2007, at 7:27 AM, G.H. Hovagimyan wrote:

gh comments:

If you read the article. The final two sentences says it all;
"Companies are keeping their fingers crossed. It could open up a whole new world."
This means a new venue for advertising and targeted sales. Gee, just what I want to do with my spare time, submit to advertising.

On Aug 14, 2007, at 9:35 AM, Ana Valdés wrote:

The Times has discovered SL.,9171,1651500,00.html


G.H. Hovagimyan

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