[-empyre-] Re-animation

Hi all, 
The list quietness over the past few days has been due to the university
server where -empyre- lives being down.. probably with that killer flu that
is going around Sydney.

And this gives us  a great opportunity to thank the people who invisibly,
but vitally,  keep -empyre- running:

We will miss Nigel Kirsten who, after many years of looking after our
-empyre- list, has moved to Google HQ in Mountain View, California to do
Mac/Linux sysadmin stuff. If you love talking servers see Nigel's blog

And I'm delighted to introduce  Damian O'Brien who has taken over as the
fearless system administrator at COFA, UNSW to  keep everything working
smoothly.  Damian has lovingly re-aimated the mail server now and  -empyre-
flows again..

What was I saying about computers and electricity..!!

Dr Melinda Rackham
Executive Director
Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT)
PO Box 8029
Station Arcade
South Australia 5000
ph: 61 8 8231 9037; fax 61 8 8231 9766

Australian Network for Art and  Technology (ANAT) is supported by the Visual
Arts and Craft Strategy, an  initiative of the Australian, State and
Territory Governments;  the Australian Government through the Australia
Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and the South Australian
Government through Arts SA.

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