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the quietness on the list is probably because we're all exhausted after the
excitement of the pony ride ... thanks to the organisers & everyone who was
there, it was indeed a much more interesting way to explore SL & the
artworks than random lonely wanderings. & i scored a tail! : )

i took some screengrabs, one is on my furtherfield blog, (plus one of me & nonnatus talking
tails yesterday).

h : )

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From: Melinda Rackham
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 11:09:28 +0930
Subject: [-empyre-] Hi ho pinky..

The pony club ride on Monday night was really insightful, and SL is a very
different place when you hang out with a group. We  ended up spending two
rather than 1 hour touring around on our cute pink an blue and yellow

Enormous thanks to David Cranswick form d.lux pony club and Christy Dena for
organizing this so well. I'm secretly hoping we can persuade them to do
another tour to view the other sites we didn't make it too.

The route from Monday nite was:

1. Odyssey:  Gazira Babeli's works, perhaps fly past
the Baudrillard sculpture and then to Ian Oh's squat.
Discussion about code art etc.

2. Adam Nash's sound works @ Ramonia
Discussion about sound art etc.

3. Bitfactory/Columbia SL Exhibition
This is a mix between conventional and unconventional exhibit space and has
some of Patrick's and Second Front's works in it.

4. Gallery of Reflexive Architecture
good conversation about design patterns in SL.

5. Brad Kilgerman's work @ Ars Virtua

If anyone has snapshots could they upload them to the  flikr site or tag
them "goodbadugly"

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