Re: [-empyre-] Prototyping

On Aug 21, 2007, at 11:39 PM, Christy Dena wrote:

Would other artists/curators be comfortable working in this fashion? What do
people think of this mimeses?

There are two salient issues in your discussion. One is using your hands to fashion something and the other is the exact reproduction of something visually (mimesis).

Using your hands to fashion something is primal. It is the beginning point for art. It is also the starting point of engineering. The difference between the two disciplines can be highlighted. Let me start with cave painting from 30,000 years ago. The ones in France were done by using a spray painting technique. The artists chewed up berries and then using a hollow reed, he would spit the paint. The images on the wall are are. The tools and techniques are engineering. The learning how to use the tools are the process of physical learning. Something akin to a kinaesthetic learning process. Trying to fashion something without using your hands puts the creative process in the hands of an engineer or in this case it would be a logician who would figure out algorithm to describe the process in the physical world. Within this rule set one can only operate as the programming dictates. One cannot discover forms through the sense of touch. One cannot alter the programming with one's hands and movements. There is no intuition sense of the body.

Mimesis or fool-the-eye is the most simplistic notion of art. the sensation is "gee that look so real I can't tell the difference from reality." Art history starts in the caves with glyphs and narratives. Mimetics is simply a trick. Look at photography. Within the supposed trompe l'oeil of the camera lense there is a world of abstract ideas. The nature of art is to deal with these levels of ideas. Mimesis is once again a trick of engineering.

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