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i think the most exciting thing about VR is the potential to explore a new paradigm for art, where the creation, presentation and reception all exist only in the virtual space, ..and cannot in the real.
then the use of the words real and virtual can be missleading, (and hope they are deleted from the new age vocabulary) as this type of virtual easthetic would actualy be the 'real' version!?
for example, an interactive music performance in SL would engage musicians collaboratively, regardless of geographic location, and could not be reproduced on a RL stage for example. belongs in cyberspace. ...spontaneous dialogue, improvised art.
so would still be 'fashioning' the SL live music in the traditional, 'hands on' way, directly thru the musicians instrument in RL.

adversely, to replicate RL art into VR, and vice versa, has historically been problematic in art and reminds me of this quote...

A portrait is not a likeness. The moment an emotion or fact is
transformed into a photograph it is no longer a fact but an
opinion. There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph.
All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.
::: Richard Avedon :::

so the idea of prototyping art in SL may be a usefull marketing tool, 'sandbox' for building art, curating dance etc. but certainly does not epitomise artistic application and potentials.

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Hi all,
I've been watching the SL discussion from the sidelines. A lot of interesting issues and ideas have popped up but there's one issue that occurred to me recently. Worlds such as SL are touted as being virtual, in other words, almost real but not quite. We could talk about the virtual art in such a virtual world but I've always considered the idea of "virtual art" as a misnomer. I wonder whether it couldn't be said that the only "real" thing you can encounter in SL is the art. For art is never virtual, it either is or it isn't regardless of how it manifests itself.

Pall Thayer

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i was really intrigued by the sustainable house on SL, and the possibilities here to prototype sustainable architecture and design. then with commercial AND community objectives, present a virtual display home/visitor centre, with multimedia interp, appliance information, affiliate links etc.
so i think that in this context, arts and economics can be applied in SL to address the most relevant of RL issues.
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Hi folks - back to an arts and economics question. I am just wondering what people think about SL being used as a prototyping platform for artworks, craft and exhibitions?

I know there are a lot of art/craft items already being developed in SL for SL (bling, furniture, object d'art) but what are the opportunities for these items to move into RL, maybe even on a commercial basis? How much of RL will actually begin to reflect SL in the future? I for one would love a pose ball in my RL lounge for those moments I just need a little bit of extra motivation for networking!!:)

Also, how do people feel about selling curated exhibitions and artworks in prototype form in SL before it enters RL? I am thinking for example, that a curator may have an idea for an artwork and/or exhibition say at MoMA and if MoMA had an SL space mapping the RL MoMA in detail, an artist/curator could potentially curate the show in there as a prototype in an attempt to sell it off to MoMA or other museums/galleries in both RL and SL? This is using SL conservatively I know - but just wondering about the possibilities. I know of quite a few artists who use SL as a platform to experiment with particular artworks before making them in RL already.

Would other artists/curators be comfortable working in this fashion? What do people think of this mimeses? Is it too far removed form the 'object' and its aura, or do others (and I must confess I do) find the difference between synthetic and 'real' objects sometimes immaterial?

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