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Hi all,
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Pall wrote: "For art is never virtual, it either is or it isn't regardless of how it manifests itself."

I love this line, though I would like to take it one step further and say that:

"LIFE is never virtual, it either is or it isn't regardless of how it manifests itself."

In the case of the current discussion, there is no REAL or UNREAL - a dichotomy that appears to underpin many of the arguments that have suggested that to choose a multi user real time 3d environment as an artistic medium, is to somehow step out of life, or to be devoid of a social conscience, or to be so unfortunate as to not live in a mighty US city.

There IS a REAL thriving community that exists because of MUVEs such as SL, and asking the question if any of them are "'full fledged' universes where art, activism and politics engage to enlight a broader audience." is irrelevant. The real question I ask myself (as is the question I would hope any artist, crafts person , engineer etc.would ask them self) is: "what role does my creative output play in engaging with, and enlightening, a wider audience?" and "How am I working with my chosen medium(s) in a way that explores its possibilities and pushes it boundaries? (as has been one of the defining qualities of humanity ever since we hit one rock against another and created our first tool.)" (I see no usefulness in differentiating between a tool that is physically crafted with, and manipulated by, physical hands and a tool that is entered as lines of code, and manipulated through a user interface - at least on this level of the discussion.)


andrew burrell

nonnatus korhonen

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