[-empyre-] Re-lapse and Re-ride

Hi all..
Sorry for the interruption again to the flow of conversation.
our sever a slight relapse at the weekend and wasn't up to processing mail.
Im told its recovering strength incrementally now!!

And the good news is that over the weekend I've been discussing a second
pony ride with d.lux which we have tentatively scheduled for later this
 It  will cover some of the same art works, and also include Annabeth
Robinson's great SL artworks at the Port which we didn't have time to get to
last pony ride and as well the China Tracy Pavillion by artist Cao Fei which
has a  physical pavilion at this years Venice Biennale at the Arsenale - an
inflatable  white structure with some low resolution of China Tracy floating
through Venice and other spaces.

More details to follow

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