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Thankyou Melinda for attempting to get a discussion about Second Life art
happening. I am disappointed at the missed opportunity to interrogate SL art
practices but understand that the process of unpacking the pro-SL hype is a
necessary step in considering SL and virtual worlds in general as a platform
for creative expression. 

I garnered a few historically-centered gems from the guests and listserv
participants both on and off list. So thankyou.

I've also realized that for various reasons there really aren't that many
people who have explored SL beyond the mainstream experience of sex,
gambling, shopping and buying land, indeed even beyond press descriptions.
There are even less who have experienced, let alone created, SL artworks of
any variety. 

I've also found the anti-marketing and anti-mass-entertainment rhetoric to
be pretty similar to the anti-independent art rhetoric I hear in the
mass-entertainment and marketing industries. There are these two loud
extremes which will always co-exist, but for me there are other yet
unnurtured approaches which enable an exploration of the potentials of each.

All in all, I've found the discussion about the problems some people have
with what they consider SL to be an interesting and important insight, while
at the same time I hope that SL artists are not disheartened by their


For those who would like to check out some more SL artworks on a dLux Pony
Club tour, or would like to curate their own tour!, you can sign up to the
announcement list or email the contact at : 

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Hi all, 
we are finishing up this topic tomorrow. it has been an extraordinary month
in terms of hotly debate and differing opinions on Second Life.

While interesting to muse over these ethical, philosophical and economic
issues  in some ways it actually detracted form being able to speak
critically about the intensities, victories  and pleasures, as well as the
strivings, failings and flaws of the seedling art practices which exist
inworld. I am hoping to revisit this topic in a year or so to see how far we
have progressed.. As no matter what your opinion of the SL medium is -it is
an extremely important area for  experimental arts, architecture  and
performance  practices .. A crucible for exploring future virtual

 .. And I really had such a good time on the pony ride  - Despite running
this forum  I haven't been a Second Life user at all regularly as I have had
that "penultimate lonely romantic empty city" experience that Christian
McCrea was speaking about.  However the visually and sonically rich guided
tour we went on last week just changed my experience of being in-world
immensely, to one of fun, connection, emotional immersion and critical

Unfortunately ...
David from d.lux media arts has just told me that the ponies are having a
little bit of coding issue -they were reported to be bucking and mating !!
( we also have severe horse flu in Australia at the moment as well as server
flu.. this is  truly true.. ) so no more horsey rides..:(  But do sign up at
d.lux for their next scheduled tour..

Thank you all for your generous participation.. especially our guests.. See
their work if you havent already..

--> Annabeth Robinson (UK) aka AngryBeth Shortbread

--> Patrick Lichty (US) aka Man Michinaga,

--> Stephan Doesinger (Austria) aka Doesi Beck

--> Dr Ricardo Peach (AU) aka Ricardo Paravane

--> Christy Dena (AU) aka Lythe Witte

--> Dr Fabio Zambetta (AU) aka Fabio Forcella

--> Kathy Cleland (AU)  aka Bella Bouchard
--> Adam Nash (AU) aka Adam Ramona
 ---> Melinda Rackham (AU) aka Marina Regina

I will be writing a book chapter from this discussion and others I have had
back channel during the month. If I am including your text I will contact
you privately for permissions.

Once again thanks and its nice to be back at  -empyre-

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