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Hi Johannes,
this seems like such an intriguing event -- thanks for your  
interesting description. Even in the YouTube documentation a sense of  
sad, lonely robot comes across. the poised foot and raised arms are  
very evocative and the sense of precariousness quite palpable.  
Interesting you use the word "static" to describe the images of the  
robot that doesn't move, which is also the word for the sound of the  
noise... it raises a sense of the potential in static (still, about  
to move image, or just moved and sound from which meaning has just or  
is just about to emerge). i really liked the sound which added layers  
of complication, as you say.
  I take it there was no Hong Kong audience?
the thing that's not clear to me, is what you mean by the "tactical  
maneuver" which wasn't shown. Do you mean we don't know if "in fact"  
the robot wasn't on a precarious wall at all? to me, part of the  
impact of the precariousness is not knowing if its real or not so my  
own viewing response feels precarious... making me feel the  
precariousness of being a networked audience -- especially in light  
of the issue of archiving -- am i the audience or is the 'camera  
there's a lot to think about here in terms of issues of documenting  
and documentation which we discussed earlier in the month, but i'm  
not sure why you see 'untimely' as not relevant, even if not the  
whole story -- don't you think the time of the archive and the time  
of the 'live' performance have some sort of untimely relation here  
that contributed to the local audience's difficulty with 'framing or  
reframing' this event?

On 29/11/2007, at 2:59 AM, Timothy Murray wrote:

>> thanks for response, Norie,
>> just to answer briefly ---
>> there were many issue inolved in the live webcast from Hong Kong  
>> and the top of the sckyscraper,  and a few pardoxes.   the live  
>> broadcast started exactly on time and ended up 30 minutes, exactly  
>> as announced by the tactical media artists (Stromajer and Zorman).  
>> Ballettikka Internnettikka Stattikka was an event in a "series" of  
>> such interventions (similar "break ins" or infilttrations into  
>> site,. then transmitted live with wireless techonologies to the  
>> net).  i think it was the first, though, that also had a specific  
>> local audience far away (in Dresden) from the "authentic site."    
>> The Dresden audience attended a 10 pm event that took place as a  
>> live projection inside a dance-theatre space/performance space ,  
>> within context of a computer festival.  The performance images  
>> transmitted were static and yet alive (the city was),. but nothing  
>> much happened, and there was confusion in the loval audience who  
>> did not quite know how to "frame" or reframe this event and its  
>> reception.  the performance was not "untimely,"as you suggest, but  
>> more complicted,  - it had a strange romantic sadness about it,   
>> the lonely robot crying on rooftop, its red eyes flashing,   
>> battery alive, the city behind readying istself for sunrise but  
>> still bustling with energies, lights.    Stromajer wondered  
>> whether the audience failed to grapple with the truth/reality or  
>> falseness/fake issue, or somehow could not imagine the  
>> trespassing, or the tactical action needed to make such a live  
>> webcast happen at all ---  the tactical maneuver itself was not  
>> shown.   Not sure myself whether it was the not knowing of the  
>> realness, or the apparent lack of anything happening that muddled  
>> the event, or whether such an action is created for the camera  
>> (archive) and the network,  in the first place, rather than a face  
>> to face live audience.
>> i will remember it well, though, and so will others who watched  
>> the amazing static.
>> we stored a quicktime movie nof the event on YouTube, almost  
>> instantly . so did the artist themselves.
>> On some nights, audience members were quicker uploading their  
>> films of a performance (to YouTube) than our own docu crew.  that  
>> is somewhat interesting too, the competing for "documents" or  
>> memories.....
>> Johannes Birringer
>> http://body-bytes.de/02/?cat=53&language=en
>> Dresden / Hellerau Cynetart07_encounter festival
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