Re: [-empyre-] farewell to 'what is to be done?

dear Empyreans, 
I don't know if this will get through but in case it
does, I want to apologise for having been unable to
say what I think is to be done, simply because I feel
so overwhelmed with the topic, with the catastrophe,
and with all the howlingly inadequate responses and
artworks I can think of and make.

In the weeks I've been possessed by this tangle of
questions, the only kind of ok thing I thought of was
to do a survey, starting with my family. I took a
video and began recording those willing to help me
think about the question. No-one was concerned that it
was supposed to be in an art context, though in their
answers, nor were they at all constrained by physics.
("abolish religion", "conserve resources", "make it
rain", for instance.)

It has been such a relief to ask others, to make this
problem social. 

I really am sorry I was unable to proceed alone as a
guest, though I was very grateful to be invited to

I'll keep asking people, though, to think about it
with me, in the meantime. 


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