[-empyre-] farewell to 'what is to be done?(education) incollaboration with documenta 12 magazine project


I'd like to join Aliette in thanking you for the work you do with Empyre,
and in the world as an artist--your presence is an enrichment of our world.
In fact, such is true of Aliette and Critical Secret, as well as so many
other fine projects and contributors that regard this environment.  It's
great to be with you all.  Merci. 

My condolences and sadness for this loss...


Dr. Nicholas Ruiz III
--Editor, Kritikos

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Please believe that we trust in your charismatic freedom online, without
hard conflicts despite the good hard oppositions without which there is no
symbolic voices.

No current censorship ; mostly generous and charismatic curator of our
respective differences and oppositions. That gives a brilliant list from
social and intellectual singularities, depending our generation, our culture
our locality in the world.

Sometimes the subscriber are tired or having too much work offline or
difficult things from the life to resolve or to assume and then they deviate
for a moment instead of failing on-line ; the last end of year and this
beginning of year they were, I mean, very difficult cause all sort of
problems in this actual world...

But there is nothing worst than lose a beloved being.

Condolence and love, Christina. Think your sister, help your neices and
nephew. Take care.

Be proud and have peace.

See you,

Thank U.

On 6/02/07 21:17, "Christina McPhee" <christina112@earthlink.net> probably

> dear list,
> I am writing at a moment of great sadness as I have just learned of
> the sudden death of someone I've known since my teen years, someone
> who was once my sister in law and is the mother of my wonderful two
> neices and nephew.  The shock of news like this makes the
> difficulties of the online experience diminish as the overwhelming
> reality of lives lived and lost, suffering and pain play out in a
> relentless way no matter whatever 'is to be done".   The tragedy of a
> life cut short brings to mind how precious  the contributions are,
> from all of you who read and sometimes write on this list, who, among
> the living, take time somehow in the midst of the crush of events,
> responsibilities, and complexity, to participate in communication
> with one another.  Each of you has a stake in the ongoing creativity
> of a hypertext that here makes a space for learning from one another,
> no matter how scattershot or haphazard the making of that space may
> be from time to time. I want to say again that I believe that this
> forum vitally connects real lives and makes a difference off line, in
> the so called real world.  Giving space for thinking and speaking in
> this virtual agora matters as we lose more and more public space in
> the built environment and our mediated transactions are so time
> consuming and ubiquitous that through sheer exhaustion we are tempted
> to shut down, to move out of the light, to not be seen.  My sister
> disappeared, has disappeared, and there is no way to bring her back.
> For those of us left living, it is still a human connection that
> celebrates our common life in the 'soft-skinned space' of -empyre-.
> With these thoughts we bring the documenta 12 magazine project
> collaboration with -empyre- to a close. An edited linear pdf of this
> month's texts will be available shortly (by mid-February) on our
> sites; and eventually with documenta 12 magazine project next summer
> online. Again, my deepest thanks to all of you who've participated
> with such seriousness of purpose in the three months (March and July
> 2006) and January 2007-- dedicated to our collaboration with
> documenta 12.   Special thanks to our guests this month --  Ollivier
> Dyens (CA), Iliyana Nedkova (SCT),  Chris Robbins (US), Melinda
> Rackham (AU),  Chris Molinski/Art Gallery of Knoxville (US),  Claudia
> Reiche (DE), Sharon Daniel (US), RIcardo Rosas (BR); and to our
> readers who responded, including Brian Holmes, Aliette Certhoux,
> Brett Stalbaum, Christophe Bruno, Dirk Vekemans, GH Hovagimyan, Henry
> Warwick, Jacky Sawatsky, Jim Andrews, Marc Garret, mez breeze, Saul
> Ostrow, and Vijay Pattisapu.   Thanks also to my fellow moderators,
> especially Marcus Bastos , for helping with list moderation.   We
> will be taking a break on -empyre- until March 1, 2007 when Marcus
> will introduce a new topic having to do with locative media.
> The hypertext archive for this discussion is found at
> https://mail.cofa.unsw.edu.au/pipermail/empyre/2007-January/date.html
> -cm
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