RE: [-empyre-] farewell Jim!

It's been a pleasure to work with the -empyre- moderators and to participate
on the list. The -empyre- format of different featured guests each month
makes this list unusual, if not unique, but it also requires more work by
the moderators than many other lists. If you are involved in media arts and
value the -empyre- list, you may want to consider volunteering as a
moderator at some point. You would be asked to coordinate at least one month
of discussion per year.

Part of what is involved in being a media artist in digital and networked
media may be helping to create the global network of art and relations, as
well as one's own work, or as part of one's own work. I think the -empyre-
list is important in this.

I look forward to future discussions on -empyre-.

All the best to everyone on the list!


> Dear list,
> Please join us in thanking our friend Jim Andrews (CA) who has worked
> on the moderating team for the last few years.
> Jim has decided to spend more time with his own electronic poetry
> project at
> Thanks, Jim for bringing so much enthusiastic programming with guests
> from all over the world, in service of poetics on the net.
> ---empyre- moderator team
> Sergio, Marcus, Tim, Renate, Tracey, Nigel, Christina

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