[-empyre-] what is to be done? (educatIon): introducing Chris Molinski and Illiyana Nedkova

dear list,

it's my pleasure to introduce to you two curators who've been extraordinary in their new approaches to education and art in the public space, Illiyana Nedkova (SCT) and Chris Molinski (US).

Described as 'a curator of taste and critical discernment', Iliyana is a Sofia-born Edinburgh-based curator, producer and critic of contemporary art and design. Currently, Creative Director New Media at Horsecross, Perth where she is responsible for curating the Threshold artspace, Scotland's first dedicated gallery for digital public art. A founding Co-Director of ARC: Art Research Communication (with Chris Byrne), a curatorial practice working nationally and internationally with artists, exhibitions, art fairs, editions and critical context. Latest ARC Projects include the international symposium of curating new media Art Place Technology, Liverpool and a series of limited editions by artists Susan Collins, Alla Georgieva, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Ivan Moudov and Dan Perjovschi.

Over twenty new Horsecross commissions by artists from 11 different countries have been premiered at Threshold artspace since September 2005. New shows are continuously produced and exhibited as part of the evolving Threshold collection of artists’ films, video, digital photography, visual poetry, interactive titles, sound toys, Internet art and computer games. The Threshold artspace features nine unique spaces available for artists’ interventions including an interactive entrance box; a ‘canvas’ of 22 screens dominating the foyer; a playground with flexible screens and interactivity; a trail of sound boxes embedded in the floor; a surprise audiovisual treat tucked away in public toilets; copper-clad roof of the concert hall for an added visual delight. Threshold artspace unique locations are linked together by an ‘intelligent’ control system and open source software which allows artworks to be displayed and experienced up to 14 hours a day throughout the year.

I first met Illi at the Cybersonica Festival at the ICA in London in 2002.

Chris directs The Art Gallery of Knoxville, a community space devoted to discussions of new and emerging art in Knoxville, Tennessee. Recent exhibitions have involved collaborations with the Center for Urban Pedagogy, Max Neuhaus, and the exhibition "Distribution Religion" with Critical Artware, People Powered, and Temporary Services. http://www.theartgalleryofknoxville.com/

I've been intrigued in Chris's work ever since he 'appropriated' an entire month of the -empyre- list discussion into a printed book as an art 'object' for an exhibition/project last year called "Building an Archive". -empyre- was shown with On Kawara, Felix Gonsalez- Torres, and Sean MIcka.

Like Illiyana, Chris has been developing what I might call, after Edward Soja, ' a third space' for critical art practice in the public sphere. By creatively remixing the lessons of the situationists with the ethos of
a new regenerative 'commons'.

Please welcome Chris and Illi to -empyre- soft-skinned space.


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