[-empyre-] what is to be done (education): introducing Claudia Reiche

dear -empyreans- , please welcome Claudia Reiche (DE).

Claudia is a media theorist, artist, and curator. Her work focuses on (cyber)feminist approaches to questions of how man/machine relations are designed with words and images. Claudia Reiche has been teaching at the Universities/Art Academies of Hamburg, Braunschweig, Paderborn and worked as a Councelor for the Department of Women's Culture of the City of Hamburg.
Member of the thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor, Bremen http:// www.thealit.de and of the first international cyberfeminist alliance 'old boys network' http://www.obn.org.
She has been director of the European project 'Cyberfeminism.Lab' (Culture 2000 programme of the European Union). Currently she is curating with Helene von Oldenburg The Mars Patent, the first exhibition site on Mars http://mars-patent.org and with Andrea Sick do not exist, europe, women, digital medium, a transnational European conference and exhibition lab , http:// thealit.de/lab/donotexist/program.htm. Her current research focuses on Feminism, Psychoanalysis and medical Visualization.
Some of her publications: with Andrea Sick (Ed.): technics of cyber<>feminism <mode=message> (2002); with Andrea Sick, Ulrike Bergermann et al. (Ed.): Eingreifen.Viren, Modelle, Tricks (2003); with Verena Kuni (Hg.): Cyberfeminism. Next Protocols (2004); Digitaler Feminismus (2006).


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