Re: [-empyre-] "what is to be done?" Lenin's words--forward from Claudia Reiche

Thinking over the following:
he difference does not lie between the repetition of words, events, images
etc. and their former appearence, or even to notice that there will
have been a repetition but in the effect that htese have on the ocntext in whihc they
have been presented - if one can not judge one's own effect then one is lost to running
in place
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"the difference does not lie between the repetion of words etc. and their former apppearence"
Does it mean, there is no difference or does it mean this difference is irrelevant? If so- probably - , in what respect irrelevant?
If interested in effects? "...but in the effect that these have on the context" So: as "effect" seems to be used in this quotation contrary to "difference" what is so interessting about 'effect', if it has no noticeable influence, one would neceessarily have to describe as "difference" in the context?

Maybe the Freudian Insight from on the 'compulsion to repeat' from "Rememberring, Repeating and Working through" and "Beyond the pleasure principle" is forgotten (instead being acted out)? If according to Freud's examples repeating were not imitating, but replacing (in order not to remember)...
This I think was my point in noticing thatt Buergel uses Lenin's famous title for the third leitmotif. Repeating it in a sort of 'radical chic' for philosophers, but paying the price of not working through. At least in this conceptual text we are invited to talk about here.

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