[-empyre-] introducing Christiane Robbins

dear list,

I am very late in introducing a person who's already a frequent writer with us, and a guest for this month.

Christiane Robbins (US) is a cross-disciplinary director and scholar working within the mutable environment of studio practice, digital media and critical theory components of Media and Visual Arts production. Based in LA and San Francisco, Robbins' studio practice focuses primarily on digital video, installation, digital imaging, digital media and database aesthetics. It has also included installation, site-specific, and public art projects as well as work in architectural, object-oriented, and publication projects. Thematically, much of her studio practice, research and scholarly interests revolve around issues of media analysis, identity and displacement through an examination of the way in which concepts and perceptions of reception, inscription, spectacle, memory, space/ place, and time shape the articulation of subjectivities.

Robbins' work has been widely exhibited including one-person shows in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. She has also participated in numerous international film and video festivals in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and in Europe. As a curator, she was a co-organizer of the USC/MIT bi-annual conference Race in Digital Space, October 2002 and as Executive Producer for the AIM Festival for Time-based Media, Los Angeles.


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