[-empyre-] what is to be done?--introducing Ricardo Rosas

hi empyre,

please welcome Ricardo Rosas, who comes to us from Rizoma, his Sao Paulo based online magazine.

Ricardo Rosas was born in Fortaleza , Brazilian Northeast but lives in São Paulo since 1990. He´s a writer, translator, theorist and organizes festivas concerning media activism and tactical media in Brazil . Editor of the Rizoma e-magazine and a former member of the Midiatatica.org network, Rosas helped organize the Mídia Tática Brasil 2003 and the Digitofagia 2004 festivals in São Paulo, both of
them aimed at discussing the tactical media scene, free software, and the creation of collaborative projects in art and activism involving new media. Rosas was the Net Art curator of the Prog: Me festival, in Rio de Janeiro (2005); and a lecturer at the fourth edition of the Next 5 Minutes festival, in Amsterdam (2003), the first international event dedicated to the mapping of tactical media. He also participated
in the Super Demo Digital festival in Rio de Janeiro (2004); in the Networks, Arts, a Collaboration conference at the State University of New York, in Buffalo (2004); and in the 15th Videobrasil International
Electronic Art Festival. Rizoma, his edited website on arts and activism is currently taking part on the Documenta project of publications for the Documenta 2007.

Thanks for joining us, Ricardo............


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