Re: [-empyre-] what needs to be done (Skills For Participatory Culture)


By the schematic cognitive map you determine the
territory of the practice; we can think that we are conceptualizing the new
but reproducing the former world by exceeding to repeat the misunderstanding
of the conditional limited territory.

Yes - I think you are absolutely right.

But I would reiterate the notion of engaging a "myriad of cultural and
critical practices" in order to form an effective community /
educational model.  We can look at research suggestions such as this
as equally 'correct' and 'incorrect' - of course we understand that
any text is no "readymade paradise" - but we can make it useful.  Why
start from scratch?  Why not take the proposition and change it?  I
think you were beginning to do that in the last mail.

Our conversation here can prove a type of 'soft_skinned' schematic -
addressing the issue of Art and Education in many directions.  The node examines education from one view.  We can use this
found research as ideas+examples for our own practice.

What are some other models?  I would love it if anyone on the List
forwarded a few examples of cultural practice ("events, spaces,
dialogue, skills, development, introducing new concepts to new
audiences" etc) - suggestions for forming (Art + Education)
relationships with a community.

Personally, I see no reason to maintain a linear conversation - I
think that scatter is a more effective means to fill a space with


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